i'm a linguistics student and i'm not qualified to think about anything ever


I also put my toddlers jeans on my dog

your dog looks like a cartoon bully


I also put my toddlers jeans on my dog

your dog looks like a cartoon bully



male “intellectuals” in their early to mid 20s who feel strongly about absolutely nothing but will argue about serious issues like misogyny and racism just to add another “I Win” notch on their belt of arguments are the most pretentious,vapid,soulless pieces of shit i have ever seen.

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very secret dog meeting


very secret dog meeting

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Like “A Tribe Called Quest” you say the whole thing


Like “A Tribe Called Quest” you say the whole thing

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what if u could put ppl on vibrate like phones so instead of talking 2 u they would just shake

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you don’t go homo or bi or trans to hell

the expression is “going straight to hell”

wake up america


What’s actually at the end of a rainbow.

thank god, do you know how hard it is to cuddle a pot of gold


What’s actually at the end of a rainbow.

thank god, do you know how hard it is to cuddle a pot of gold

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If someone can be kicked out of school for copying a paper, a person should be kicked out of school for raping another human being.

—Wagatwe Wanjuki, UVM Dismantling Rape Culture Conference 2014 (via byebyethinspo)








Super edgy pastel graphics telling you how not to be an asshole!




these are so fucking great

Ok I wasn’t going to say anything but hours later this is still bothering so RANT TIME LET’S GO.

The “only assholes bully cis people” is the one getting to me the worst. Look at that scary dude with the baseball bat. You know who has to fear people with baseball bats? TRANS FOLK. They face higher amounts of violence than cis people in every conceivable setting. 1/5th of trans people who have interacted with the police were harassed or assaulted by them. 19% experienced domestic violence as a result of their gender identity. 7% were physically assaulted at work - those who HAD work, because 14% are unemployed, making the trans unemployment rate twice as high as the national average. 8% of trans people have been assaulted in public places such as doctor’s offices or retail locations. 

And those statistics are ONLY COUNTING PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. If we’re including other kinds of “bullying” like verbal harassment, sexual harassment or assault, harassment by teachers or other authority figures, or denial of services, 63% of trans people have experienced serious harassment, discrimination or violence.

When you fret about people saying mean things to cis people on the internet, you’re putting up a straw man argument that takes attention away from the VERY REAL VIOLENCE that trans people face by making it equivalent to a bitchy anon message.

The reason people get so angry at cis people is because of there are trans people facing violence in EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES and no one is doing a damn thing about it, but say something mean to a cis person and all of a sudden there’s hand-wringing and cutesy pastel graphics with a scary threatening-looking dude DIRECTED AT TRANS PEOPLE, as if they did not face enough violence already.

Argh sorry this is not articulate but I’m MAD ABOUT IT.

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People who whine about “cisphobia” are some of the most ridiculous people, I swear. And it’s because of all of the reasons above.

When in the history of ever has someone been beaten up, raped, had a job denied to them, lost a job, or murdered because they were cis? That’s right, never.

People really confuse the words “phobia” with people being “mean” to them.  And in this context that meaness is not tolerating when cis people say and do grimy prejudiced things  and get called out on it.

People calling you out from being transphobic does not equate cis phobia.

Agreed with all the commentary here. Also “boys are not disposable” really grinds my fucking gears, because when are boys EVER treated as disposable in any context other than when women are venting and letting off steam about sexism?

Men are never fucking treated as disposable in any real world setting, but women are. Look up sex selective abortion and see how many people consider women disposable, how many baby girls are aborted because they’re not the sons that their parents need/desire in order for raising the child to be “worth it” in their sexist societies that stop women from achieving.

This whole graphics set is stupid as fuck and essentially boils down to “don’t be mean to oppressive groups in any way ever, even when they do things to deserve it and venting such as this has absolutely no fucking impact against the unfair advantages they hold over other dis-privileged groups.”


i reblog your text post. “this" i add. this is this. here it is. it exists; everything before us is real; our sensory perceptions can be trusted to correspond regularly to real-world forms. celebrate

Assimilation into the ruling class does not undo the structures that oppress people. For me, gay marriage is a distraction from issues that unite queer people with other marginalized folks. Dealing with the way that homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, impact education, health care, housing, and employment would be a more useful endeavor than symbolic songs like “Same Love.” Marriage is an institution that affords people all kinds of benefits in our country and for me, the question is why those benefits are only available through this one act; why can’t everybody just have what they need, regardless of whether they are married or not?





One of the best mom moments in TV history. I wish more parents knew how important it is to validate their children’s feelings.

What this is so beautiful

Marge tried real fucking hard sometimes.

Marge tried real fucking hard all the time

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when i cant tell if i want to have sex w someone or i’m just jealous of their hair

these coachella kids are becoming self-aware

these coachella kids are becoming self-aware