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To everyone who says it’s too expensive to eat on a budget. 

I love Twizzlers 

Where the fuck are you people buying your food that it costs so little?!

Pretendland, I’m guessing.


where is this food coming from, those cranberries in the last one cost like six dollars in my area

can’t remember the exact prices for the other stuff but it’s a lOT MORE THAN THAT

No fucking way I can afford any of that stuff for that little.

I buy tilapia, chicken breasts, potatoes, etc. and those fucking prices are wrong as shit! I don’t know what fucking store they’re shopping at but this is lies! That’s hilarious! Why lie??? Eating healthy is not cheap.

i knew this was fraudulent when i saw the chicken breasts for 98 cents per pounds. why promote these lies?

This is bullshit. Chicken breats where I am are a least 8 bucks a pack. Where the fuck are you shopping? Narnia?

I’m cryin. …fuckin Narnia? Did u have to lmao

Old ass prices and pics. Please.

The only prices I see that sound even remotely correct were for the pasta and the frozen mixed vegetables. Those ears of corn would be at least $4 on their own.

Secondly aside from outright LYING about how much this food costs, most of these are shit comparisons because they comparing a complete meal or snack to a random assortment of food products. What kind of meal are you supposed to put together with chicken breasts, peaches and peanut butter? How am I supposed to make dinner with strawberries, veggie patties, and orange juice?

ALSO a lot of this kind of criticism - not-so-subtly implicating poor people for making the “wrong” food choices - leaves out the fact that poorer people tend to work more hours for less. food prep costs time and a person with 2-3 jobs has way less extra time to roast corn or bake a fucking tilapia than a wealthy person whose partner supports them, who has help at home, or who has a job that pays enough that they don’t have to fill up their free time with another. not to mention that if you work 18 hrs a day you are not gonna have the energy to do all this fucking work when you could just get a hot meal to go in like 5 minutes.

posts like this are another example of wealthy people who don’t understand the basic mechanism that keeps poor people poor (other than racism, redlining, exclusionary networking, loan denial etc etc): when you don’t have the disposable income, time, and energy to invest in long-term results, you HAVE to spend more in the short term or your children will go hungry.

just another way in which non-poor people secretly believe that if they were poor, they’d do it “right”…. -________-


This is my all time favorite post on tumblr.

milk jug lunch box
via lunchitpunchit

milk jug lunch box

via lunchitpunchit

Chocolate Stop-Motion Animation

Song: “Chocolate” by Mexican pop sensation Jesse y Joy

Animator: Carlos Lopez Estrada

Watch the behind-the-scenes video here.

(found at huffpo)